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Thai massage lesson learnt

Here's an important lesson I learnt today: if you are in Thailand and still feel the effects of a not-so-recent knee and wrist injury, you should, before the massage, learn how to say in Thai: "please, go easy on my knee and my wrist."

The rest of my body likes brutal Thai massages (well, learnt to like them), but when the knee is bent and twisted and my face inadvertedly morphes in agony, the typical massagist will apologise furiously and take it easier from now on — not what I want, at all.

Three Thai hanging out on the street, asked individually, could not translate "I like it rough but my knee does not." Instead, they just giggled and wanted to know where I was from and where I was going and whether I wanted a massage or attend porn shows or buy drugs or… well, that about lists it all.

No blame for the average Thai's broken English, it's still better than my command of their language.