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Unanswered questions about airline safety

Maybe someone can shed some light on these outstanding questions about airplane safety. The Thai steward earlier made it perfectly clear, with a straight face, that our safety is their priority, but so far, no-one of the crew could give me the answers:

I'll stick to those airplane-specific ones for now. I have another set of questions about certain airport rules on the ground. I feel that the world would be a much better (and safer) place, if those making the rules would actually let us know what these rules are trying to accomplish.

Update: I've received plenty of responses. Thanks! Most responses explain questions 1-3 wit reference to the critical nature of take-off and landing. Leaving the windows open helps people orient themselves in case of an emergency and that people from the outside can get in at the right spot, tables and leg-rests are obstacles during an evacuation, and the seats are designed to absorb shocks, but won't work so well if they aren't upright. One person argued that entertainment during the critical phase of take-off and landing is distracting in case of a problem, but I am somewhat unconvinced. I have not received another

I must say that none of these responses are surprises. I guess my main point is that airlines might want to consider making these things public, rather than just instructing people about the rules. It would make me happier to comply anyway.