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Leaving LCA

I am 10'000 metres above sea level, on my way from Melbourne to Wellington. I am looking back at a very enjoyable week of conferencing, with LCA 2008 ending yesterday, followed by today's Open Day. The purpose of this final day is to invite the general public to learn about open-source. Individual projects present their work at booths and field questions by bypassers.

Jacinta Richardson and the other organisers and helpers of the Open Day have done an amazing job. The place was buzzing and the selection of projects broad and interesting, even to me. Two talks and a series of lightning talks, as well as catered food for everyone rounded it off. I will try to have this event in mind as we organise a similar event in Buenos Aires after the forthcoming DebConf8 in Argentina.

I had a splendid time at the conference and probably can't thank Donna Benjamin and her army of mignons (update: that should have read be minions) enough for organising it. Compared to the other open-source conferences I previously attended, this one was the most professional. Good job, everyone!!!

Here are the highlights:

Apart from the busy programme, I particularly enjoyed the "hallway track", which is usually the reason why I attend these events. I really ought to practice remembering names and faces a bit better.

I am not paying enough tribute to this week with this report, but I shall conclude it regardless. Unless something very unexpected comes up, I will attend next year's LCA in Tasmania.

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