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Best stewart ever

I would like to suggest to my readers to ask airplane crews for explanations of their rules. If we can get a larger number of people to inquire about the reasons behind the do's and dont's on airplanes, maybe the airline companies will adopt the practice.

In the context of a previous post on the lack of explanation of the motivations behind airline rules, I was utterly impressed when the steward on the Air New Zealand flight from Melbourne to Wellington asked me to turn off my music player so that I would hear when they asked us to evacuate the plane or similar.

While I doubt that I would continue to listen to The Flower Kings in an exceptional event, his explanation actually got me to turn off the player, which I had previously never done (rebel me!). I know it's a bit ridiculous, but I was previously so set on the idea of small devices like a music player interfering with the airplane instruments that I failed to see this obvious bit of logic. The steward thus gets my "best steward" award.

When you fly, ask the crew about the reasons for the rules they impose on you, the passengers!

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