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How long will this last?

At Melbourne Tullamarine airport today, I was asked to present the credit card used to book my flights as a security measure to be able to fly Bangkok-Zurich. I did not need the card for the Melbourne-Bangkok leg. Unfortunately, I left the card at home for various reasons. In the end, they just issued both boarding passes anyway.

I was not allowed to take the throw-away wooden chopsticks that came with my Pad Thai lunch through the security checkpoint.

For dinner on the airplane to Bangkok, we were given plastic knives and metal forks. For dinner on the second trip, we got metal knives.

At Bangkok airport, I had to pass a security checkpoint changing planes. They confiscated the plastic water bottle which was given to me on the flight from Melbourne (the bottle said "Thai airlines" on the label).

The lady in front of me was using one of those telescopic walking sticks, she apparently had a bad leg. They didn't even bother asking about the stick, which she ran through the x-ray. Terrorists don't have bad legs, nor know how to pretend.

How long are we going to put up with this bullshit?

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