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The Penny & Martin adventure: phase 2

Following the first phase, the second and final phase of the Penny and Martin adventure ended last Friday at Wellington airport.

I am now 11'500 metres high on my way from Bangkok to Zurich, looking back at seven days on the New Zealand South Island, another in Wellington, and a night in Melbourne. Here's the summary of the 2200km we travelled, with selected photos inline. Penny has more pictures in her Flickr album.

My New Zealand beer top-ten, in reverse order: Monteith's Original, Monteith's Black, Mac's Great White, Monteith's Golden, Monteith's Celtic, Monteith's Pilsener, Emerson's Pilsener, Mac's Hop Rocker, Emerson's 1812 India Pale Ale, and… (drum-roll): Mac's Sassy Red. Yum! The Emerson beers get no links because the brewery website uses Flash.

Thanks, Penny, for a fabulous two weeks!

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