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Logitech product lines and how they still screw over the customer

After a failed attempt to fix Penny's car speakers — taking apart the interior of a Ford is way harder than it should be, and of course we came out of the quest with the obligatory screw which wouldn't fit anywhere — I bought a pair of portable speakers. The Logitech PureFi Anywhere convinced in terms of sound quality, and we greatly enjoyed them on our roadtrip.

Having bought them in New Zealand, the speakers of course came with a type I power plug, while most of Europe uses a type-C-compatible plug. The design is modular, allowing for the actual plug to be swapped, so I bought it anyway:

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Back home, I contacted Logitech and asked them how to get the adapter swapped.

Their response? "It is not possible to obtain the modular plug separate from the speakers."

Logitech uses a modular approach to optimise their product lines and ultimately, their profit, but they don't deem it necessary to leverage the power from this approach to serve their clients.

Guess who won't be buying Logitech products again! If you are considering their stuff, please think twice.

If anyone knows of a way to get at such an adapter, or has one to trade, or can help otherwise, please get in touch with me. Thanks!

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