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Mobile phone business opportunities

Since Switzerland's three main cell phone providers (Swisscom, Sunrise, and Orange) are apparently happy to remain stagnant, here are two business opportunities, in case you're fidgety and looking to get rich. The second actually applies to all of Europe, or even the world.

  1. provide a true EDGE flat rate. The three providers all have "unlimited data" options, but cap their offers at 1.5-2.5 Gb/month, after which you end up paying horrendous amounts for each additional Megabyte. The marketing people are, of course, aware of this "unlimited" lie, while the casual customer does not have to be since s/he won't generate this amount of traffic.

  2. peer with local providers and come up with a plan that allows me to roam about and use my phone from anywhere in Europe (or the world) for the exact same fees as always. I realise this will be quite difficult because it involves a large number of peering agreements, but think of the potential: I'd switch immediately, I'd even forego any remaining term I still have on my contract, and I am sure I am not the only one.

Once you hit the black numbers, please hand over a small percentage of your stakes for my ingenious ideas.

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Update: Gunnar replied with a peek into the situation in Mexiko. Yes, I am spoiled.