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Customer support farce

There are plenty of reasons why a company might provide a web form as the only means for customers to get in touch with their customer support department: for instance, the web form compels the customer to send along important information with the first request, therefore saving time (and money) for the customer service department.

Even though I hate web forms, I sometimes do fill them in and usually get an answer back; it works.

Every once in a while, however, I'll encounter a form designed by people without any form of understanding of the role of a customer for any business (it's the most important asset…). Such is the case when the form limits the message to a certain number of characters. Obviously, no customer service agent wants to read novel-length prose when fielding incoming requests, but a few hundred characters may also not be enough to get the point across. Star Alliance, for instance, expects you to get your point across in 300 characters.

I find it hard to imagine that people write lengthy texts into web forms, unless they have more information to get across. I also see no technical reason for limiting the length of the text which can be submitted. The only logical explanation I have is that those companies give a flying food about customers and would much rather not have them contact the support department.

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