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Looking for an environmental charity

I am looking for a charity to receive regular donations. I would like to support the environment and wildlife, rather than people directly, and the World Wildlife Fund immediately comes to mind. While I've been supporting the fund's work for two years now, I feel a bit uneasy about its size. It seems plausible that they can leverage synergies much more effectively, but large organisations also burn through heaps of money just to be able to do what they want to do. In addition, I feel the whole organisation is too professional and anonymous. The same applies to Greenpeace.

With none of this do I intend to discredit the work of the WWF or Greenpeace! They're just not what I am looking for.

I have previously donated to a charity in China, but the troubles and efforts involved with this were too much. And while China certainly needs a lot of help and support in rethinking their environmental policies, it's not like central Europe or other parts of the world couldn't put money to good use in this sector as well.

So what I seek for is a small charity who operates in a niche and to whom regular donations, even if small, make a difference. EuroNatur looks promising. I'd love to have more choice though.

If you know of any, please let me know.

NP: Barclay James Harvest: Eyes of the Universe

Update: Micah Anderson pointed me to the Rainforest Action Network and Ron Lee introduced me to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, started by Greenpeace co-founder Paul Watson, who "resigned from the Greenpeace Foundation (in 1977) because of disagreements with the emerging bureaucratic structure of the organization". I have contacted both and asked for their annual reports and whether they have experience with tax-deductible donations from Central Europe.

Update: Karen O'Sullivan suggests the Jane Goodall Institute and the International Fund for Animal Welfare. I've written to them as well.