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People slacking or drowning?

For years, several important (or not so important) people have forecast the end of email. While most of what they were saying couldn't be disagreed with (important people always speak in vague, vacant terms), it wasn't until about a year ago that I noticed any effects. But over the past twelve months, I found myself frequently having to remind people of tasks, mostly outstanding emails, across the whole spectrum, and including companies who could make money from me if only they'd bother replying.

Statistics somewhere say that 90% or more of all mail is spam. I have very few problems with spam (and would like to describe my mail filter in a future post, but that'll take time), but I have no problem imagining how most email users out there, who are stuck with technology from the nineties (thanks mostly to Microsoft), are really drowning and thus fail at the basics of correspondence.

So what's next? How should we continue to communicate, now that email has been fully embraced by the business world while it has grown to be more of a burden than a gain for the majority?

Or is our society simply accumulating more and more slackers?

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