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You Are There

The Japanese post-rock band Mono delivered an amazingly powerful album in 2006: You Are There. It features beautiful and spacious sound scenes produced with real instruments (as opposed to electronic music), in some ways much more so than Mono's other, earlier albums, which I adore as well.

This album captivates me to the point that I can't really to work to it; yet, it's also just too good to turn off. I am stuck between a rock and a hard place, it seems.

On a related note: I am going to see Explosions in the Sky in Zurich's Abart club next week. The music is very similar, not only because both bands are published by the same label, Temporary Residence (along with many other really good artists).

And I am excited about this for two reasons: first, because they rock. And second, because I'll be with a certain someone then, whereas now I'd have to say that "you are there".

NP: Mono: You Are There