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Guitar Hero 2000

People who know me are surprised when I tell them I play Guitar Hero, simply because I don't ever touch gaming consoles, or any computer games whose complexity surpasses Pac Man, with a stick… except Guitar Hero, which is just fun.

I also listen to a bunch of music, whenever possible, basically, and there are plenty of songs that I'd love to try on Guitar Hero. Mel and I decided that e.g. Shine on You Crazy Diamond or Comfortably Numb are far up there (and they probably exist somewhere), but today I listened to Damn the River by The Phoenix Foundation and thought the same, yet I doubt that this song has been transcribed, which is a shame.

I am well aware that sites exist, or must exist, which have songs for download, or you could make your own (check out Metallica's Master of Puppets there!). But that sounds like a lot of time lost, which I prefer to spend otherwise…

… like today it occurred to me that Guitar Hero 2000 is long overdue. Guitar Hero 2000 is the Guitar Hero game that takes your song on audio input and scans it in advance and that fits the song to play to the five frets in the game in real-time. It can't be that hard. Where is it?

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