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Tips for those trying to blow up planes

If you're trying to blow up an airplane, and you're hip and plan to use liquids to take down the silver bird, the following tips may be useful to you:

Of course, if you're serious about blowing up an aircraft, you're probably not going to need any of the above, as you'll already have a more convenient way to get your substances on the plane. At the checkpoint, you'll behave like the perfect citizen abiding by all rules; you wouldn't want to arouse suspicion, now would you?

PS: this post purposely avoids the use of the word "terrorist".

PPS: of all the great experiences in airports this week, I especially loved how passengers, who checked in at the counters (and had to present their passports there), were again checked after border control in Düsseldorf, while passengers like myself, who used the quick check-in terminals, were just waved through.

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