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Auto-subscribing to Debian bugs I file

It happens from time to time that bug reports I file receive attention, but I don't notice because our bug tracking system still does not auto-subscribe bug submitters to their own bugs (see Debian bug #37078 and Debian bug #351856). I thus decided to take the matter into my own hands.

Just in time, before I started hacking this up myself, I found Justin Pryzby's procmail recipies, which are installed to /usr/share/doc/devscripts/examples/bts_autosubscription.procmail by the devscripts package. The result is available in my mailfilter git repository. So far, I only auto-subscribe in response to bugs I file; Justin also auto-subscribes to bugs he manipulates via the control bot.

For completeness, I also wanted to subscribe to all bugs that I have submitted. This turned out to be easier than I thought, thanks to bts in the devscripts package; note the sleep instruction in the loop to prevent hammering the system (please remember to substitute your e-mail address twice):

bts select submitter:your.e-mail@add.ress \
  | while read bugno; do
      echo X-debbugs-autosubscribe: doit! \
        | sendmail -f your.e-mail@add.ress ${bugno}-subscribe@bugs.debian.org
      echo subscription to \#${bugno} sent
      sleep 30

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