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Euro 2008 rage

As some of you may know, the Euro 2008 football championships are on in Austria and Switzerland at the moment. I am not a football fan at all, although I won't mind watching a game between two skilled and fairplaying teams (which is becoming a rarity, I heard). But I don't care much about it, unless it negatively affects those who don't care (which includes myself).

For instance, last night, after Germany beat Turkey in the semi-finals, a group of hooligans roamed about in Dresden and vandalised Turkish food shops and hurt the people working there (German only). I can kind of understand fans getting overly excited and driving their cars madly through the city, honking the horns at frequencies directly proportional to their cumulative personality disorders (or inversely proportional to their penis size), but violence in reaction to winning? Fuck you, you low pieces of shit.


Update: there seems to be no information on whether the attackers were German. A foreigner living in Berlin has written in to complain that my blog post casts a negative light onto Germany in terms of hostility towards foreigners, which he disputes. Germany has had to fight that image for decades, and my blog post puts fresh petrol on the fire.

I do not intend that. I leave it up to each individual to make up their own mind, and to me, a group of hooligans is in no way representative of an entire nation. End update

Quite clearly, there are people on the street who should be locked up. I won't go there though, at least not in this post.

Instead, let's talk more about football and its effects, because encouraging this sort of violence is only one of many consequences, which we are forced to tolerate in the interest of the public. Everyone wants football, right? What follows are somewhat related, but otherwise incoherent rants. Enjoy, or stop reading. I'm not a misanthrope, I think.

There are many other aspects of this football event which make me want to throw up. One of them is the (sight of the) average organism who participates in the craze. Look at them! Monkeys are more intelligent than that! Has evolution taken a 180 degree turn?

Of course, you can't blame the individuals, as their brains have been flooded and effectively shut off, so they don't make any trouble when they trott along the path to dumbification. It's the big companies and the media industry, blinded by short sight, do everything in their power to speed up this decline, fueling the consumerism of the stupified morons making up our the populace, just for the paycheck at the end of the day.

The UEFA is primarily a huge money-making machine, and if you want more information on that I suggest that you look a bit into the distribution of media rights for the event. Another instance, which has a little more relevance to the normal person on the street is their ticket distribution: people have to pay hundreds of Euros to UEFA a year before the event for a "chance" to be given a ticket for any random day. The ticket is made out in their name and cannot be transferred. If you can't make the game, you can return the ticket to get you money back… after the event. If you don't get a ticket, you'll also get your money back… a year later. Interest-free loans, anyone?

But hey, I actually don't care about most of that. Let those who want to consume consume, let those who can't entertain themselves watch television, let the UEFA and media people get rich by making people stupid, and let me go about my daily business.

We held a small barbeque party some days ago, and I went out to buy a few kegs of beer from a local brewery. That was my first confrontation with the football circus, as the brewery happens to be about half a kilometre from the stadium where a match was on that night. It took me at least 40 minutes until I had argued successfully with five police officers and could pick up the kegs. Swap brewery for any of the other shops in the area, who did not receive any compensation whatsoever, and you'll note how the football circus takes priority over everyone's everyday life, even if you don't give a single flying food for the sport.

I love Zurich, and just like most people, taking a stroll along the lakeside, between Bellevue and the Chinese Garden on a sunny afternoon is one of the more delightful ways to spend time in the city and enjoy its beauty… unless they are putting up massive "public viewing areas" everywhere (and make shitloads of noise in doing so), and even dump elevated "VIP platforms" into the lake to add noise in the view to the noise in the ear.

The official entities of Switzerland surely pushed for the event, as it drives tourism and brings money into the country. But were the people actually considered? Could we have done anything against this craze? I bet noone ever asked.

I find it very sad how much garbage these fan monkeys produce. Switzerland is well-organised, and there are plenty of garbage cans around, many of which have been put in place specifically for the event, but it's already too much to ask of these low organisms to put the shit left from their consumption into those bins.

And I won't even go near the question of how much energy this entire event wastes. Yay entertainment! Yay stupification of the populace! If you have football to celebrate, you don't have to consider the environment, or poverty, or other such annoying issues.

Sunday night, the circus will come to an end, and what'll be left is a few days of cleaning and tearing down all the structures. Then this place will finally retun back to normal, and there'll be a little less idiots on the street, at least in the places I frequent.

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