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Tatort: quality television

When I got home last night, I couldn't sleep and instead popped a DVD into the drive and sat back to watch an episode of the famous Tatort series (German only).

Tatort ("crime site") episodes tell the tale of police investigations, but without stuntmen and special effects, without sci-fi elements or threadbare settings and stories, without technology and gadgets. In fact, it just feels plain as if it could happen next door tomorrow. The characters are normal as you and I, but played beautifully, with witty and enjoyable dialogues, which seem familiar and natural to me as a German, rather than trying to be funny or cool. Yet, the two main investigators, Batic and Leitmayr, are awesome and it's good fun to watch them inch towards solving the mysteries.

I watched the episode "Norbert", and I really enjoyed it. The plot is full of surprises, and the viewer is (purposely) mislead on various occasions. It was suspenseful until the end. I've seen maybe 20 of the thousands of episodes (it airs every Sunday night since 1970), and this one was so far my favourite.

Quality television! It's a shame the (Dutch) DVDs I have do not have English subtitles.

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