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The dhclient nightmare

Thank you, Ted Lemon and Paul Vixie for the ISC DHCP server and client! My days would be so boring without them. I revel in your wisdom, experience, and sheer genius when I get behind some of the design decisions you made when writing those pieces of software.

My current favourite is the hook integration into dhclient-script(8). Read what the manpage has to say about it:

[…] the client script checks for the presence of an executable /etc/dhcp3/dhclient-enter-hooks script, and if present, it invokes the script inline, using the Bourne shell . command. The entire environment documented under OPERATION is available to this script, which may modify the environment if needed to change the behaviour of the script.

Hooks which can modify the environment and thus influence all other hooks that follow, as well as the script which applies the network configuration dhclient obtained to the local machine! Yay! Genius!

You are my heroes.

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