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Tennis discrimination

Congratulations once again to Roger Federer, who didn't leave a doubt that he is a Great Player.

Andy Murray, I tip my hat to you! You are someone to watch for: great ball control and you just hit it, as opposed to some other players slicing their way through the games. Keep it coming, I expect to see you more in the future!

I was very pissed off by usopen.org and CBS sports, for their streaming was limited to "US and territories". Since Eurosport and the like didn't get live coverage, I am assuming that there was shitloads of money involved (the US Open Finals, go figure...). Well, dear CBS and US Open folks, if you pocket shitloads of money, consider spending that tiny bit of a fraction in the future to make your international viewers happy. I assume you know that there's life outside of your country.

Thanks to justin.tv for hooking me up with a stream that allowed me to follow, even though it was suboptimal. I wish I had been able to see this on a TV. Since we don't have one, and Irish pubs kick you out at half eleven, it was still the best option I had.