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Republican bickering

I wonder what would have happened if Obama had put lipstick on a pitbull would there be any less of this circus put up by the Republican monkeys? Are we back in Kindergarten? "Mom! Mom! He hit me!". Is the next thing we'll see tears on stage? Or some sort of fake emotional outbreak? Anything goes in America, I say…

Both, Obama and McCain have used the lipstick analogy in the past (see previously linked article, and this AP writeup), so why are the Republican monkeys trying to nail him on sexism?

They are (trying to) play the gender card (thanks to Erinn Clark for the link). Sexism surely is a word to grab attention, especially in the Excited States of America. By shifting attention to sexism, the Republican monkeys are not only stealing Obama's show and dragging the short-attention-span media (and populace) away from any Palin-related scandals, they are also covering up that they don't have anything else to say. Finally, sexism is an emotional topic, unlike the other political and policy crap the entertainment-hungry television crowd has to put up with, so hooray for excitement!

I am disgusted by this American election circus. And I wish we'd get about as much coverage of American news in these times as international news gets airtime on American TV.

Even though I hope Obama wins for no other reason than that he's not in the same political camp as George W. "International Terrorist and War Criminal" Bush, I couldn't really care less and don't have any reason to believe that things will improve when the Democrats move back into the White House.

And neither do lobbyists care who's sitting at the top. Idiots exist on every level and all over the globe. The rich will still pull the strings. The capitalist avalanche (euphemistically called the "strive for democracy") doesn't slow down. Other countries' political monkeys have tasted totalitarianism and lost their senses, and no US government will get them back on track. And the media, who controls it all anyway, is just cashing in on the whole spectacle, which is why I have to continue to be subjected to it. Which brings us back to the rich…

I wouldn't be surprised to find the likes of Haliburton in the financial support list of the Republican monkeys.

PS: I know and respect many American citizens, and I know most of them think like me. Nevertheless, I feel it necessary to point out that none of the above is an attack on those of you with a clue. I feel sympathy at the same time as I feel the rage expressed in the above, but this rage is solely with the political monkeys, the media, and merciless capitalists. None of those are US-specific, it just happens that you seem to have the most pronounced combinations.

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