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Host naming theme

Init Seven, my favourite Swiss ISP, has offered to collocate one of my machines in their racks with native IPv6-connectivity. I am now searching for a name for this new host.

A recent discussion has made me curious about how many people can deduce my host naming theme from the set of names of currently operational machines under the madduck.net domain:

albatross, bell, brick, cigar, cirrus, clegg, diamond, echo, embryo, eugene, fishbowl, gerald, gnome, lapse, lust, mother, pict, pig, piper, pulse, seamus, sheep, time, vera, wall.

If you know what ties this list together, please help me christen the new machine!

Update: the responses have been overwhelming, 183 people have written in so far, and 149 of them knew what's going on (though some admitted to cheating with a search engine). Thanks to everyone!

In addition to the common theme, which most "guessed" correctly, I have a few other restrictions, mainly that the words have to be singular names or nouns, and that they have to "feel right". Here are the suggestions I've received which passed my filters, in decreasing order of frequency:

emily, lucifer, fletcher, lunatic, arnold, flesh, gig, bike, moon, brain, hand, balloon, hope, alan, marmelade, wing, heart, summer, thunder, sam, tropez, sky, stethoscope, khyber, lotus, jugband, cymbaline, remergence, dawn, hell, desert, worm, eclipse, dog, sysyphus, julia, scarecrow, sun, overdrive, vizier, matilda, eiderdown, babe, pillow, funkydung, atom, fore, shout, breast, domine, swan, charade, grantchester, money.

Curiously, I forgot about worm and wing, which are in use, so those are out.

Some of them are not candidates because I'd mistype them all the time ("stethoscope", "cymbaline", "sysyphus", "remergence", "scarecrow", "eiderdown", "marmelade", "grantchester").

Some just don't seem right ("tropez", "shout", "overdrive", "flesh", "breast", "sky", "jugband", "eclipse", "lucifer", "money")

Some are not appropriate as hostname for computers ("brain", "heart", "damage", "hell", "lunatic", "babe"). Those who suggested "machine" were referred to my SMTP servers' greeting banner.

I have to scratch "fletcher" and "desert" because of their source. I have to do the same to "thunder", unfortunately. And I ought to retire "pulse", although not really.

Noone suggested "grimble" and "crumble".

As there are so many, and so many more, I am changing my rule to "significant, enigmatic, and memorable singular nouns and names", which brings us down to:

arnold, gig, bike, moon, alan, khyber, lotus, julia, sun, vizier, matilda, atom, domine, swan, charade, grimble, crumble.

Given that list, I think I will be launching gig, khyber, lotus, charade, vizier, domine, and/or swan in the near future. Or if it's a pair, it'll be grimble and crumble.

Thanks all, this was fun.

PS: you may use the same naming scheme for your hosts, but you take full responsibility in case you and I ever have to fuse networks in any way.

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