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Gazpacho are (finally) coming to Switzerland!

Gazpacho, one of my all-time favourite bands, are (finally) coming to Switzerland!!! On 17 October 2008, they'll play a gig at the Z7 in Pratteln/Basel. Guess who'll be there!?!

It makes me very happy that they have recently signed WiV Entertainment as event/tour managers, because it means I'll probably get to see them more often in the future. To help a bit, I have agreed to be their Swiss "street team" (together with Tibor from Basel), which means I'll be distributing flyers and posters when I return from Ireland, in exchange for free tickets for Penny and myself. You should join us! Tickets are €22 and can be ordered from the Z7 concert page (scroll down, I can't link directly, unfortunately).

According to their news page (scroll down a bit), they are also playing in Oslo on 26 September, in Verviers, Belgium on 18 October, and in Den Bosch, The Netherlands on 19 October. Don't miss them!

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