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Customer service how-not-to: Miles & More

I've previously ranted about the Lufthansa website. Trying to help out a blind friend obtain some assistance from Miles & More, the Lufthansa frequent flyer programme, I can confidently say that the two companies have a common origin and probably read the same customer service guidelines, which must be somewhat along the following lines:

If you follow the above guidelines carefully and possibly add a twist here or there, you can rest assured that you'll fit in quite perfectly with most of your competitors and companies in many other fields. You'll understand that the customer is evil and you have to protect your company and your customer service staff from them, by making it extraordinarily difficult and inconvenient to reach them, and ensuring that they won't get any further than the computerised guard at the front door. It's not like they are your most important asset.

Interestingly, neither Swiss, SAS, nor Thai have read these guidelines. I hope they will never find them.

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