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Healthy home-order food in Zurich

If you're looking to set up a business in Zurich but lack an idea, here's one almost guaranteed to be successful — or well, at least it fills a niche:

Healthy home-order food. I'd be your first customer, and quite a regular one too, if you delivered to my door freshly cooked, (ethnically) diverse meals with lots of vegetables, at reasonable prices, of course.

I'm happy to cook fancy dishes for guests, but cooking for the purpose of having something enjoyable to eat alone is just not my thing at all. I sometimes wish it were…

And before you wonder about my quest for "healthy" foods: yes, I wouldn't mind losing a bit of weight, but I am certainly not crazy about it. It's more that I've simply developed a strong liking for vegetables, and quite like not suffering from a heavy stomach after a meal.

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