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Searching Tangerine Dream's Barbakane

Dear recording industry: I hate almost all of you. One of my all-time favourite albums, Poland: The Warsaw Concert by Tangerine Dream, has been castrated, probably to save cost by squeezing a double LP onto a single CD. Today, Wikipedia turned my world upside down. Screw you, money-greedy recording industry. Please fuck off and leave music to those who care. This includes smaller labels who know what they are doing.

I now must have the full-length track. Unfortunately, it's seemingly impossible to come by. I searched the Web, even dreaded sites like Ebay, but after an hour I gave up without success. There's a seller on Amazon, but s/he consistently gets negative feedback, so that's a bit risky for the price asked.

Thus, dear world, please save me: does anyone have the full-length third track of that album, titled "Barbakane", in a high-quality digital recording and would let me have it? I will pose with the album and today's newspaper to prove legal ownership. Heck, go ahead and make a ridiculous request, such as standing on my head. I'm desperate.

Update: Eric pointed me in the right direction, and now I have the track. Thank you so much. I have also found the album second-hand and ordered it, but I am a bit sceptical as to whether I'll ever see it. It was worth a try though.

NP: Tangerine Dream: Poland (The Warsaw Concert)