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Hands off my focus!

If I open a link from within one of my terminals, it causes Firefox to load that link in a new tab, which it activates (puts on top). Unfortunately, the browser window also steals the focus. This is driving me nuts at times.

I want the new tab in the foreground, but I don't want the browser to steal the window focus.

Firefox would not be Firefox if it didn't have an obscure, under-documented feature that almost achieves what I want, but comes with negative side-effects. As I learnt over at UbuntuForums, I can enable browser.tabs.loadDivertedInBackground, and the browser stays unfocused. The negative side-effect is that new tabs are loaded in the background. I cannot decide whether that's more or less annoying than the focus thievery.

Rock, hard place, rock, hard place… could someone please offer a way out? How can I make firefox load links in foreground tabs, but to keep its greedy little fingers off my focus?

The rest of this post is personal. In cooperation with my therapist, I've stopped wondering about Firefox design choices, and my life quality took a boost from that. Every other day, however, I find myself plotting ways to get rid of the Firefox crap, only to conclude that none of the alternatives provide the functionality I want/need, which are provided by some of the Firefox plugins: AdBlock+, CustomizeGoogle, Firebug, NoScript, TreeStyleTabs, and, of course, Vimperator. And there are others too. That's like being forced to drive a GM truck because the stereo you like doesn't work in any other car. I better go and swallow some more pills.

Update: I've filed a bug with the Mozilla bug tracker: Mozilla bug #481844