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Five days to free Aung San Suu Kyi

In Myanmar, Aung San Suu Kyi and 2'000 monks and activists are being detained, as the miltary junta in the country presses new, ridiculous charges against Suu Kyi a few days before the end of her house arrest.

Suu Kyi, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize and proponent of democracy, is leader of the opposition and the greatest threat to the junta's grasp on power. Given the inhumane conditions imposed upon the Burmese, and the ruthless slaughter of those who do not play by the military's rules, it is not hard to imagine that she would win any fair election, as soon as she would get a chance to run.

However, if the junta are successful in pushing charges — Suu Kyi is accused of breaching the house arrest after an American man sneaked into her house uninvitedly — she could be locked up until after the elections in 2010, effectively disarming the threat she poses to the military regime.

She is threatened to be kept in the notorious Insein Prison without medical care. As she is suffering from serious illness, this puts her life at risk.

I do not usually campaign for political topics, but I've been to Myanmar and this issue touches me deeply.

The people in Myanmar need our support. Even though the 2007 Burmese anti-government protests seriously weakened the military and brought hope to the lives of millions that have been oppressed for years, the events quickly vanished from the media and allowed the junta to regain control.

We must not let that happen again. It is of utmost importance to show our support and not look away. One way of doing so is by increasing visibility. If you care, please write to your newspapers, publish on your blog, and do everything else you can to raise awareness.

Another way to help the Burmese people is through signing the avaaz.org petition to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. Best to do all of the above!

Unfortunately, avaaz.org force-subscribes everyone who signs a petition to their newsletter, which may well not be what you want. However, please do not let it stop you from signing the petition. You can later unsubscribe from the (infrequent) newsletter.

I have informed the staff members of this concern. If you would like to voice your opinion too, write to info ät avaaz dot org and encourage them to make the newsletter subscription optional. But make sure to also sign the petition, please.