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Why did's you screwed with my grammar??

OSI's new album Blood is at least as outstanding as their previous two: a masterpiece between (sometimes heavy) melodic rock, smart grooves, and electronic music. In addition, Kevin Moore's calm and soothing voice raises the chill level to the extraordinary. I've never paid particular attention to the actual words sung, just enjoyed the ambience.

The first verse of the second song, "Terminal", kinda changed this for me. Whether due to the rhyme, a pathetic attempt to be alternative or strangely cool, alien brain infiltration, or excessive, mind-boggling drug consumption, at some point he sings:

I wanna talk shit when we get outside
I wanna play tough when you're terrified
I wanna have fun like we used to did
I wanna […]

Oh the pain!

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My friend Nicole and I rode our bikes from Chur across the San Bernardino (2066m) to the Lago Maggiore this weekend. The final 30-odd kilometres had us cycle down a busy road, against strong headwinds, with hurting necks, backs, bottoms, and thighs. It was then that OSI came to my head and I found myself singing a later portion of the aforementioned song:

Goin' goin' goin', feet don't fail me.

If OSI hadn't screwed up the grammar so painfully, I might have never noticed how cheesy their lyrics were. Now I need to learn to fade them out and return to absorbing the truly excellent tunes alone. The album hovers high up there with other must-haves nonetheless.

NP: OSI: Blood