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Thesis submitted to examiners

At 14:45 CEST, today, 1 October 2009, I submitted my thesis to the print shop. Sarah has kindly agreed to pick it up tomorrow and drop it off at Brian's office, from where it will go to the three examiners. On 30 October at 9:30 IST, I will stand to publicly defend my work at the University of Limerick.

I expect to receive a list of changes to be made from the examiners, hopefully minor, such that there won't be much in the way before I submit the final version to the University Board by 3 December. Once they give their green light, I will make it available on my research website, along with the data. I expect this to happen in January 2010.

I have many many people to thank and will do so in due time. Right now I just want to thank Brian Fitzgerald and Kieran Conboy for their flexibility. I was supposed to have the thesis done by the end of August to given them a month to read it over, but by then, I only had the first six (of eight) chapters done. We hence spent all of September sending back and forth PDFs and paper comments, working iteratively so that today, I could put the finishing touch on the work and keep the schedule.

The next thing on my agenda is the second edition of my book, which we are targetting for Debian "squeeze". If you would like to be the first to receive more details, sign up to the announcement mailing list.