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Commencing work on the second edition of my book

Today I branched the (LaTeX) source of my Debian book in preparation of the second edition, targetted for the forthcoming Debian 6.0 "squeeze". I am very excited to come back to this project after deprioritising it in favour of my research for too long. Thanks to my publishers Open Source Press and No Starch Press for their patience.

If you want to be the first to receive announcements about the book, such as release dates, previews, or other information, please sign up to the announcement mailing list.

The second edition has two goals:

I want to re-establish the book as the standard Debian reference, but also to give my existing readers a good reason to buy the book again.

While we're on the topic of buying: yes, the book is pay-ware, and yes, in some ways that goes against the spirit of open-source, and Debian in particular. However, this is a choice I made. If this book didn't have a commercial basis, then I could not put as much time into it, and I would not be able to profit from the outstanding help from the folks at Open Source Press and No Starch Press — it is thanks to their advice and experience that the book turned out to be as it is.

The book will be available as PDF from the start, so if you care as much about the environment as I do, you'll prefer to get that over the Dead Tree Version. And if you're as haptic as I am, then you still have the option to buy the book so you can hold something real in your hands.

I am looking forward to working on this project, to working intensely with the Debian community throughout, and to your input.