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Pilsner Urquell

I accompanied Penny to Prague, from where she embarked into the mountains today for a week-long Moodle developer meeting. We froliced in the city a bit, tried to avoid the hordes of anonymous tourists that flooded the city, steered clear of the Christmas kitsch that was all over, sampled Czech food wherever we could, and enjoyed the local beer.

On Friday, Petr Baudis took us out to The Pub, an ingenious concept by the Czech brewery Pilsner Urquell: every table has taps from where one can draw beers without waiting or having to get up, guests accumulate a tab measured in litres, and a huge screen shows which "The Pub" instance has the best beer throughput. Add to that an automated ordering system for salty snacks, and the brewery ensures a ready beer flow with need for no more than two staff members.

Penny and I had already decided that Pilsner Urquell was our favourite Czech beer, mostly due to its bitterness. We also sampled the local Staropramen, and the well-known Budvar, and found our preference reinstated.

At street prices of 50 CZK per half-litre of Pilsner, it was thus a punch in the face when the bartender at the airport bar asked for 145 CZK for the carelessly tapped beer, offering crap music and uncomfortable seating for the price.

I refused the beer, because I prefered to keep only the good memories of the brew.

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