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Back to Wikipedia?

I used to have a Wikipedia page. At LCA2010, as well as on random occasions over the past six months, I had to explain to a number of people why this is no longer the case — I eventually gave up. Several discussions later, I've decided that I want my page back.

The problems in the past were two-fold:

  1. When I found out that someone had created a page for me, I proceeded to edit it myself. This generated what the Wikipedia Police calls a conflict of interest. I should have known better.

  2. Wikipedia deletionists seem to get confused when distinguishing people from books. But oh, there must be so much satisfaction in policing Wikipedia, especially if you have an anger problem, and no discernable talent.

I found an easy way to solve both of these problems at once: crowd-source the creation of a new page. Therefore:

Dear reader: if you think I should have my own Wikipedia page e.g. for my contribution to Debian, as the author of The Debian System, as a FLOSS researcher, or the person who spearheaded the vcs-pkg effort, then please create one.

Wikipedia is a place where people with more free time than the others get the final say. You can help in preventing that.

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