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Sign me up to social networking!

I do not like it when people tell Web 2.0 sites to send me invitation e-mail. I won't enumerate the reasons here. But there is one reason for why I don't like you passing on my address to those sites, which is subject of this article:

Unlike popular belief, the Web 2.0 is not a money-printing machine. It's a long road until you can actually generate real money with user content. Therefore, some shadey sites are probably selling contact details to advertisers to make ends meet while hoping for the big cashflow.

I don't have any data to back this up, and I want to change that:

Please tell all your Web 2.0 sites to send me an invitation! Please use an address in the signmeup.madduck.net domain for that, and make sure to include the domain name of the service to which you sign me up before the @ symbol. Also append a hyphen/dash and a random, short string. More on that in just a sec.

For instance, if you are one of those people that believes that letting people know where you are (and have been) at any point in time, tell Foursquare to send an invitation to:


The reason for the random, short string ("ponies") is simply so that I can later cross-check that a message receiving spam actually went through a social networking site — I intend to catalog the invitation messages.

Thank you for your time. Keep in mind: the more, the merrier. I'll make sure to report back on the outcome of this little experiment right here, so watch this space.

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