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Thank you, Catalyst!

Tomorrow, Penny and I head off back home, and two months of living in NZ come to an end. (did you hear that, pleaserobme.com?)

Maybe I'll find the time to write about my impressions of living on this side of the planet, and being immersed in Kiwi culture while going after my daily routine and trying to work as much as I could. But there is one thing that should not wait:

Thank you, Catalyst IT for giving us workspaces! For the better part of 6 weeks, you gave us our own room, monitors, keyboards, mice, and connectivity. And more than that: you welcomed us, let us participate in sessions, invited us to your parties, received our parcels, sent out letters, and generally provided us with a great environment to work. This was certainly well above what we had dreamed of.

At times, I was forced to stay into the middle of the night — 12 hours time difference with Europe is not always easy — and spent waking hours in your building alone. Thank you for your trust!

Catalyst is a fully New Zealand owned company who deliver critical open source business systems to some of NZ's largest organisations, and organisations worldwide. Catalyst was also a major enabler of LCA2010, and a sponsor of Kiwi Foo Camp, both events that I had the privilege to attend.

Let me know when you're in my part of the world. ;)

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