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Orangutans at the Nestlé shareholder meeting

Bravo Greenpeace Switzerland! At Nestlé's annual shareholder meeting 2010 last week, you descended from the ceiling in the middle of the presentations with flyers and a banner asking for the company to take responsibility for their reckless actions in Indonesia.

Thousands of square kilometres of forest are cleared every day so that companies like Nestlé can make vast sums of money off consumers.

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Meanwhile, Orangutans outside the venue were protesting Nestlé and asking for a break (copying Nestlé's own slogan "Have a Break! Have a …"). The Orang Utans are pushed towards extinction by capitalist interest.

One of my closest friends was part of the act, and he recounts breaking into the ventilation system before sawing through the ceiling, and descending on a rope. The police detained them for more than 24 hours, but the message has been sent.


Read more (and watch videos of the spectacular descent) on the Greenpeace webpage, the Greenpeace press announcement and their blog (all in German), or on 24heures (in French). Planetsave has a decent coverage in English.

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