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World IPv6 Day: ask your provider now

Today is World IPv6 Day. Please take a moment to test your connectivity, and if you are not IPv6-enabled yet, then send an e-mail to your provider or hoster and ask them for "native IPv6 connectivity" on your uplink.

Do it even if you do not know what I am talking about or you don't care. The reason is quite simply that we're already too late and hence should act without further delay.

If IPv6 network effects do not pick up and adoption rate increases, the big players will drive up the prices for everyone. Then you will find yourself locked in and paying. Or you simply won't be able to address individual computers anymore but always be forced to proxy via commercial providers and forced to say "how high" when they ask you to jump. Remember that they are commercial entities who might claim to act in the interest of their customers, but you are actually second to their profits.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions if you want to know more.

PS: Google, having been so vocal about World IPv6 Day, I would have at least expected you to change your logo today!

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