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Wisdom tooth left in Bosnia

For those who care or wonder: the reason why I hold a white icepack to my cheek here at Debconf11 in Banja Luka, Bosnia & Hercegovina, talk fairly little and try not to smile is because I had one of my wisdom teeth removed this morning by one of the local dentists.

Some might cringe at the idea of submitting yourself to such a treatment in Bosnia, but I have to say that Doctor Saša Dabić did a splendid job, even though we weren't really able to communicate a lot. Still, 45 minutes after I entered the office, I saw my tooth on the table and was able to leave again.

My tooth had been building up an infection for several weeks, and it was starting to become unbearable. Therefore I decided to simply bite the bullet, after having seen the x-rays and judging that it wouldn't be too hard to remove. It wasn't, the pain is now minor, the swelling mostly under control, the drugs are beer-compatible, and you all should just enjoy while I cannot talk — for tomorrow I'll be back!