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Settling debts

We all know Greece is up shitcreek without a paddle. We also know that there are several other countries who have taken up the chase. It is no secret that the guilty ones are a few corrupt and/or incapable politicians at the top, and/or nepotism in general.

We know that our politicians are too scared and whimsical to be consequential, and therefore they impose solidarity on the economically strong countries. With that I mean is that our chancellor has no spine and happily promises German tax money to the shitcreek participants: let's give them a chance, shall we? Those poor countries have lived above their income for years, so let's bail them out. We mustn't put the Euro-Zone at risk, OH NO we MUST NOT!

If I then read that countries like Italy have some of the largest gold reserves and that the national banks, including those of indebted countries, are currently purchasing gold, rather than selling it — while discussions about raising the ESFS are going on, then I wish I could just pinch myself and wake up from a bad dream. There is something awfully wrong going on here.

I am sorry for all honest people in the affected countries. You must read my complaint and think of me as a greedy pig. After all, I am complaining about our (German) taxes being spent outside the nation, while your problems revolve around not even being able to meaningfully spend your taxes inside the nation anymore.

I sincerely hope that those responsible will eventually be removed from their responsibility. I would be happy if we helped any country to start anew, without insane, oppressing debts. But as long as those idiots up there, who put us/you into that position, remain there, it feels to me as if we might just as well use the money to buy more air time for our politicians to talk more crap.

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