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Italy removes restrictions on short sales

In the light of the recent announcement by the European central bank to bail out states without limits — which is breaking the very law that the EU was built upon – Italy's stock market supervisors have removed the restriction on short sales.

In Italy, you may now again sell stuff on the financial market that you don't have. The only condition is that you have to be able to prove that you could currently buy it. But that, of course, is not a guarantee for you to be able to buy the good/stock/whatever when the person you sold it to actually wants it, given the volatility of the markets.

I expect other countries to follow suit.

Currencies — and especially the Euro — was made by bankers for bankers to earn money. Who actually believes that the ESM, to which Germany enslaved itself this week would fix anything is simply naïve. Temporarily, the markets were on hold, how convenient that this coincided with summer break. Now everything is back to normal and the next financial crisis is being built.

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