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A small office, multi-function printer

Dear lazyweb, we need a new printer-scanner combination for our new office, ideally a laser printer and a high-resolution scanner (1200dpi). It must integrate nicely with CUPS and SANE, without requiring any proprietary, closed-licence drivers or plugins. It also has to come with an automatic document feeder in addition to the plain flatbed scanner.

Additional, would-be-nice features in decreasing order of preference are

I have investigated the Samsung CLX-6220FX, but the driver situation was such a nightmare (and the printer so loud), that we returned it right away. I should have read this article by Peter beforehand…

I have recently seen the HP Laserjet Pro 200 M276n, the successor of the HP Laserjet CM1415nf which looks promising, but according to LinuxPrinting.org, a proprietary plugin is required (WTF HP?).

Does anyone have experience with these HP models and can recommend them for use with Debian stable?

Does anyone have another recommendation?

Please send me a message. Thanks!