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This ended up being amazingly close to how I did it. I do wonder why you needed to put sixxs in /etc/network/interfaces? Here, aiccu automatically brings up and configures that interface.

I did not know that, but after looking at it, I prefer the explicitness of /etc/network/interfaces. Also, it allows me to specify hooks, e.g. to load the packet filter.

Manually setting up reverse PTR records in bind for my ipv6 addresses was too annoying for me, especially when I considered maintenance going forward. Wonder if there's a good tool for that. --Joey

People have suggested that this is really the domain of a dynamic protocol, such as avahi, or stateful configuration with e.g. dibbler-server or wide-dhcpv6-server. Will update the post.


Why not using the IETF's recommended method for getting an IPv6 tunnel? Namely, 6in4: /sbin/ip tunnel add tun6to4 mode sit ttl 44 remote any local (and a couple more commands). Has a couple of advantages like not needing registration, giving you a /64 by default, and using anycast which is just plain cool.

I think this is pretty much exactly what ifupdown does:

wall:~|master|% ip tun
sit0: ipv6/ip  remote any  local any  ttl 64  nopmtudisc
sixxs: ipv6/ip  remote  local  ttl 64 

p.s. kudows on using OpenID

I am liking it a lot!